Before your pregnancy

When you feel it is time to produce a family, it is important to consider any anxieties that you may feel.  Discussion with one of our midwives or other expert may help. 
Are you fit and well?  Try to be as fit as possible without going “over the top”.  Stop smoking (if you do).  Cut down on alcohol.  Don’t be overweight if you can help it.  Maybe start taking folate supplement tablets.
Do you suffer an illness which is known to cause problems in pregnancy?  The more common of these would be diabetes, thyroid disease and high blood pressure.  There are several more unusual diseases and if you are not sure if you need to talk to an expert, a chat with your GP might help. 
Have you had difficulty in becoming pregnant before?  Did you need treatment?  Are your periods regular now? 
Have you suffered repeated miscarriage?   Our recurrent miscarriage clinic may be the place for you.
Have you had problems in a previous pregnancy? 
Are you anxious about what happens in a normal pregnancy?

For all these reasons and more, a Pre-conception check-up and discussion with an appropriate member of our team could help you to have a happy and worry free pregnancy.
Please telephone our office for a suitable appointment
0845 686 1540

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