Is Your Laptop Cooking Your Testicles?

When I was a student, I was told that London Transport Board (LTB) bus drivers were known to have lower sperm counts than the average man.  This was held to confirm that, (as they sat in a hot cab all their working day with testicles in their laps),  keeping testicles warm was a bad thing leading to subfertility.  In those days, personal computers had not been invented let alone laptops.  So I was intrigued to find on-line a paper by Dr Yefim Sheynkin and his colleagues at the Department of Urology, State University of New York at Stony Brook.  Looking at a group of 29 healthy volunteers, sitting with a laptop on their laps they found a rise in scrotal temperature to levels which are considered unsafe (a 1?C rise) within a quarter of an hour.  By an hour, the temperature had risen by up to 2.5?C.  Putting the laptop on a lap pad was of no help and only slight benefit was obtained by keeping the legs apart.  This, of course, makes it difficult to keep the laptop in place.   They did not check sperm counts in this study and it seems likely that occasional or brief use of a laptop in this way will not cause any harm.  Perhaps the conclusion we should draw from this is:  Put your laptop computer on a desk for work and start calling it a ?Portable computer not a Laptop?. 

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Is Your Laptop Cooking Your Testicles?

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