Services to the NHS

hertfordshire healthcare is proud to help our National Health Service wherever we can.  There are circumstances when a specialist team, focusing on a particular service, can be more effective and patient friendly than a large impersonal organisation. 

Semen Analysis
hertfordshire healthcare manages semen analysis for East and North Herts PCT.  In many places, gentlemen are required to attend a central laboratory, far from home, and to produce a semen sample in the most uncongenial surroundings.  WHUK believes that this is unacceptable.  By concentrating on this one test, we can transfer the necessary equipment to a facility close to his home so that a sample can be produced at home and delivered to the laboratory for analysis within about forty minutes.  This allows examination of the sample within the hour. 
hertfordshire healthcare operates four sites in Hertfordshire: Hitchin, Hertford, Hatfield and St Albans.  Each is open for half a day per week.  Private patients are also accepted.
For more information please refer to the relevant pages in this website or contact the office by our contact form or telephone 0845 686 1540
We would be happy to implement this service for other PCTs if so desired.

hertfordshire healthcare Ltd provides lecturers for post-graduate continuing medical education (CME) for both hospital doctors and General Practitioners.    We are also happy to speak to the general public on subjects of interest.
For more information, please see the section entitled “Academic”. 

Business Consultancy
hertfordshire healthcare has acted in a Business Consultant capacity for a PCT creating a business plan for transferring services into the Primary Care Setting

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